6 Tips to Remember to Stay Safe as a Bartender

Working as a bartender is a great job for many people who love to dance, entertain, and make great money. But, it’s also a job that comes with an assortment of risks that you must ensure you protect yourself against. Read the list of tips below to learn six important things that keep you safe while working as a bartender.

1- Get a License

Before you can legally serve alcohol in the state, you must first obtain what is known as a tabc license. This is a special license that you earn once completing special training classes that help teach you how to safely serve alcohol.

2- Don’t Leave the Bar Alone

Bartenders earn tips and leave during the wee hours of the morning, making them prime suspects for robbery. When you leave the bar together, it reduces the risk that someone who attack you.

3- Use Common Sense

Do not give your telephone number to every person that walks in the bar. Don’t offer any strangers a ride home. Never give out your home address. It’s the small things that matter the most. Keep these things in mind.

tabc license

4- Use Your Instincts

We all get those instincts that keep us safe and tell us when something just isn’t right. When you get those instincts, make sure to stick to them. It’s better to be safe than to be sorry.

5- Know Your Surroundings

When leaving the bard for the night, check your surroundings. There are safety devices for vehicles that may help better protect you when leaving the bar for the night as well.

6- Instill Confidence in Yourself

In most every situation in life, you need to instill confidence in yourself, even when it’s really not there. When you are a confident person, it shows and people are less likely to cause you any trouble or grief.